Adventure # 008 — Awesomer than Guns N' Roses

Guide team: Flash Crash and Natasha.

Weather: +12 °C, sunny, water in the Dnieper — +10 °C.

As they expected, this outing was like a puzzle. It was composed of two completely different parts. The "beautiful" part — Roses — meant a slow walk through quiet lanes of a blooming garden in the heart of the city. The “rough” one — Guns — meant the advance through inhospitable territory of industrial zone Pokol-Pyatyhatky. In addition LA guys had a clue — the classic rock song "Knockin' on Heaven's Door". It indicated a heavenward object, which was a key point of the outing.

At last night was a storm, but the day came, and there was no cloud in serene blue sky... Langana Adventures moved to the scent of blossoming flowers and insects’ buzz. Passing the Taras Shevchenko Park, we went around the red building of the University and found ourselves in a botanical garden. Roses, what were promised, turned out a garden of blooming magnolias. These trees bloom for only two weeks. So it became a big success to see with our own eyes the moving away white magnolias, the brightly blooming pink ones and the just blossoming out purple ones. But a person who knows much about botany could count in the garden more than 40 species of magnolia.

Smelling flowers long enough, we left botanic garden, passed by St. Vladimir’s Cathedral and the Opera House, than dived into the Golden Gate metro station. They alighted at the Vydubychi station and found themselves in a completely different environment. The exquisite architecture of the historic part of town was changed by expedient industrial design — gray concrete and dust of the same colour, and lots of cold metal around. There Guns were!

Wandering near the Vydubychi interchange and river Lybed, they found at last the entry to this world what is usually avoided by strangers. Almost immediately we met a first local residents — a pack of stray dogs, which welcomed us and even posed for photos.

Passing the fire station with a tall guard tower, we came upon a strange pipe. Despite the heat it was completely covered with ice. Guides hinted only that the "refrigerator" used according to its intended purpose — for dainties storing. And observant Sex Pistol instantly found ice cream near the cold pipe. 1 kilo of ice cream was eaten as fast as found.

LA gang was worn out a little by the dessert, warm sun and green grass. Four Legs even decided to take a nap. But we had to move on. They went several hundred meters along the tunnel vault. This improvised tunnel consisted of many aligned concrete blocks. We didn’t venture to squeeze through low tunnel because we should move too long in hunched poses.

The tunnel led us to a narrow canal, which receives hot water from the heat electro power station. Therefore there are usually a lot of fish in canal and many fishermen on its shores. But LA didn’t plan fishing. We only made a small halt on the sunny meadow near the water and took pictures at the passing of mid-canal iron pier.

Obeying the next mark, they climbed down the road embankment and found themselves in the valley, which apparently is flooded often with water. We didn’t soak feet. But Tarzan thought by force of the old ape-like habit that shining up the trees was faster and safer way for him.

They trekked through the dead wood and thorny thickets of acacia and sea buckthorn than came to a dry lake. Its bottom is covered with a thick layer of sun-cracked clay. This is a real black hole though bright red colour. Every living creature that gets into it and is heavier than cat has minimum chances to get out. Soon as they get closer to the edge of the clay loam, the soles begin to slide treacherously and feet sink into a nasty viscous paste. The origin of "the lunar surface", what was so unlike environment, remained a mystery. But, most likely, “a piece of the Moon” on the Earth is a human works.

Sometime a concrete fence bared the way. The big pile of concrete structures on our side helped us to сlimb a fence. And we had to jump then. Most people did it carefully, trying to go down on their hands at the lowest possible altitude. But there was no Sex Pistol among them. He just took one touch and jumped over the six-foot fence like a rubber ball!

Turning the corner, we went on the old rail-road tracks to the row of skyward metal spires. This place what is called "graveyard of tower cranes" was encrypted in a musical clue “Knockin' on Heaven's Door”. The sight was so amazing that many people didn’t even pay attention to the slums what was extending on the left of them.

Going round “the graveyard of tower cranes”, we went to the bank of the Dnieper. They found another skyward construction. It was a grey arrow of dredger what stood in shore. We went towards two huge triangular signs and steel pontoons what lay on the sand. There they comfortably settled on the place with excellent view of the opposite bank.

While we gulped down food and drinks, the most reckless of us — Noisy Wench and Spyros — swam in the Dnieper. Opening of the swimming season on the Dnieper was held in April!

Returning to the Vydubychi metro, we passed warning inscription "Danger Zone". Beyond the fence giant machinery were crawling and snarling. They loaded scrap metal in the trains. One grabbed pieces of iron by the huge claw, the other attracted blanks by powerful electromagnet. Adventure, which had begun with the bees buzz, was completed with gnashing of metal. This was awesomer than Guns N 'Roses indeed!

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