Adventure # 022 — Sun in Scorpio

Guide Team: Sheikh Rock’n’Roll and Vlad the Impaler.

Weather: 11 °C, cloudy.

In search of the promised sun we went to the western outlying district of the city — to Svyatoshino. As early as LA gang got out Zhytomirskaya metro, Sheikh Rock'n'Roll took care of two bottles of red Crimean wine what were bought right there. I confess, we were alarmed a little with such weighty acquisition in the very beginning.

But it passed quickly as soon as Vlad the Impaler announced that the marks had been made by a chip of brick. Sheikh Rock'n'Roll added the adrenaline buzz. He showed the famous 150-year-old silver maple with a pile of plastic garbage at the foot, then led us to the homeless peacefully snuffled under the fence. We shyly hid our two pitiable bottles and moved on.

LA guys run on the grass what was strewn with yellow fallen leaves. It was easy and pleasant. Being in high spirits, we got quickly to the monument to Ukrainian poet and human rights activist Vasyl Stus. The not tall black granite stele resembled more a tombstone than a memorial. However, that has a logical explanation — the monument was installed in the place of the house where Stus lived up to 1972 and where he was arrested on charges of the anti-Soviet activities.

Zhyvopisnaya (picturesque) street stuck in memory. In Kiev there aren’t yet so many streets with such pleasant and beautiful names. The villas, what stood along the street (there weren’t two similar houses, each one had made on an individual project), also highlights some of the exclusiveness of this not the most famous street in Kiev.

Several times adventurers passed over the small streams by the wooden boardwalk until they got to the local river Sovka. A huge willow grew near the very water-side. On its four trunks and numerous branches could accommodate comfortably a bunch of monkeys, well... or the whole Langana Adventures company in full strength.

On the other Sovka’s bank adventurers found themselves on the another unusual street. A lifting gate was installed at the entrance. Flash Crash and Sheikh Rock'n'Roll contrived to hang, sit, lie down and stand up on the bar. It was a very strange entertainment, but Flash and Sheikh were very happy after.

Meanwhile houses became more fanciful. We decided to drink hot tea not far from one of them — with a huge royal crown on the gates and guards with sub-machine guns at the door. Adventurers should win sweets for tea, correctly answering Flash Crash's questions about the Scorpions band, which now is giving performance on a world farewell tour ‘Get your Sting and Blackout’.

LA made the next stop near a mini-zoo. Ponies and goats ate cabbage leaves with enormous pleasure. A fluffy cat, what chafed our feet, was not averse to devote all its purring nature in the good tender hands: "Stroke and feed me, and I'm for your! Till March at least…"

Dodging in the woods ten minutes more, we came to the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin what is situated in Petropavlovskaya Borschagovka village. The gazing skyward temple was more reminiscent of the Catholic cathedral than the Orthodox church. For the gastronomic finale of LA’s journey guides had chosen pavilion was located a few hundred meters from the church. But firstly Sheikh Rock'n'Roll led everyone to look at the pillbox # 420.

The concrete bunker was well preserved. The newly built Brest-Litovsky residential complex came close to pillbox and mesh fencing prevented adventurers from passing round the bunker. But they could come inside. The pillbox turned out a little fortress with one embrasure with a rusty mounting for machine-gun and low ceiling. While people inspected the bunker Under the Table blunted the attack of puppies tagged after adventurers. Playfull puppies kept trying to climb her snow-white coat with dirty paws.

Returning back to the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin, adventurers decided to look inward. The church was under reconstruction so completely devoid of interior decoration. Flash Crash and Noisy Wench attempted to get under the dome by scaffolding. But the decking boards shook under the feet, stairs staggered. The climbing high top without safety wire was too dangerous, so Flash Crash and Noisy Wench turned down from height about eight meters.

Being interested in the side entrance to the church, Inna and Flash Crash made a surprising discovery. It turned out that under a huge deserted hall, where adventurers were before, was a semi-basement with an altar, icons on the walls, burning candles. Divine services performed there.

Vlad the Impaler was very happy when he finally managed to assemble everyone in the pavilion. He brings luck so wine dispersed quietly as if evaporated. Following wine, sandwiches disappeared too. But Sheikh Rock'n'Roll looked fascinating even just with a banana!

The long-awaited sun, what appeared behind the clouds, gently gilt a golden autumn more...

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