Adventure # 027 — In the Land of Stopped Time, Frozen Music, Motionless Water

Guide team: Wonder Girl and Flash Crash.

Weather: –2 °С.

Langana Adventures began its first outing in 2011 with visiting to the New Year’s tree erected on the Independence square. The whole square had given for the sensational Christmas fair. Therefore, adventurers were photographed with St. Nicolas only and hurried on away, closer to nature then.

All around were covered with snow. That was why adventurers had to find the trail, using the rarely encountered chalk marks on the walls, fences and trunks. In passing we discovered the emergency service vehicle with the long red boom and control panel hanged up 3 m over ground. Then LA people were engaged in propaganda of healthy life-style — they threw snowballs at Noisy Wench until she gave up smoking.

The wooden framework, what was in the middle of the snow-covered expanses, seemed especially attractive to adventurers. The high fir-trees, that were powdered with snow, looked really well decorated and festive.

Following the marks, LA team penetrated through a gap in fence, went up the old marble stairs, filtered through a hole in the latticed enclosure and finally came to a hall of the abandoned restaurant 'Leto' ('Summer') through the opened doors on the second floor. Adventurers were to find the first LA cache amid quaint ruins. Neil discovered it in the niche on the third floor of restaurant. Besides a sweet prize, the hiding-place contained the order to find three caches more.

The old restaurant was situated not far from the main square of the Exhibition Center. The central pavilions, what were made in neoclassicism style, looked so solemnly, how they were 50 years ago when used as the principal halls of the Exhibition of National Economic Achievements. Now these huge erections stand empty and are only reminiscent of the former grandeur of our country.

After acrobatic figure 'legs up' made by Wonder Girl and Sex Pistol, adventurers warmed themselves on the obstacles. It stood LA people in good stead on this frosty day. They had to think more than move next 10 min. Because adventurers had solved the riddle about Isaac Asimov, Flash Crash revealed a secret that the next cache had hidden close by. While Neil was marking the searching area and Noisy Wench was exploring the outlying zone, fearless (reckless?) Rock'n'Roll thrust the hand into the electrical distribution box was situated beside and closed by bolt with nut. The cache had hidden in this electrical box exactly!

Neil discovered the next cache. Nobody else guessed to climb a wall of the not high household building and look in hole in the roof. The Neil's priceless yield was a package of plastic glasses. All told about halt approached.

Adventurers stopped under big shed near the silo tower could easily confuse with an astronomical observatory. Cosmic associations became stronger when Flash Crash suggested LA people to puzzle out the riddle about the automated interplanetary station 'Luna-1' was the first solar artificial satellite. After scientific discussion about the Moon exploration and the second cosmic velocity whole LA company began drinking fragrant tea with sweets were found on the way.

Adventurers wouldn’t frighten horses grazed close by. We simply hung for a time on the lamp pole, played darts and started in the pig races. Then on the tower with three round opening adventurers posed as Leonardo's Vitruvian Man. The gigantic blade of grass, something looked like the 2.5 m height dill had grown up inside the tower. Wonder Girl wouldn’t part with it any longer.

Sheikh Rock'n'Roll found the last cache in hollow of the old willow bent over frozen pond. Ice was hard enough. However, Neil and Noisy Wench tested ice strength one after another, slipping and falling down on ice with all their might. Ice didn't break but emitted so unpleasant grating that LA people hastened to stand on the firm ground.

Then adventurers hung on the gates, climbed trunks and even were in the wooden box. In conclusion, we got over the fence and came to be near 'Ice Stadium' open skating-rink. Unfortunately, so many people were there that Langana Adventures could rent the little-size skates only... In spite of fail, adventurers didn't be pained or lose their heads. LA team with its full complement shot forth the Magellan shopping mall. There, in 'Eurohata' cafe adventurers merrily celebrated New Year.

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