Adventure # 030 — Black Cat, White Cat, or 7 Elements

Guide team: Under-the-Table and Room Service.

Weather: –8 °С.

As a first step Under-the-Table and Room Service dragged the Langana Adventures team on the roof of the shopping centre "Globus". Here guides told that Luc Besson had oversimplified the world in his “The Fifth Element” film. So adventurers had to find not five but seven elements that compose the Universe!

It turned out not so easy to find them in the big city. Adventurers were forced to descend and climb stairs every now and again, wander through the vivid back streets and parks drowned in a winter sleep. They were pretty curious to pass bridges. Abyss under feet was breathtaking and even a bit dizzy. Sudden gusts of wind added thrills.

Adventurers sat on a bench next to Valery Lobanovsky, admired the tower of the Museum of water, stroked pimply skin of the huge bronze frog, ran under the People's Friedship Arch. And soon we found ourselves on the pedestrian bridge was leading to Truhanov Island.

On Truhanov island adventurers crowded cheerfully into a cosy cafe. After a small jamboree a big linguistic quiz began. The reward for each correct answer was the scarlet heart that winner could attach to his chest.

I'm amazing that people who live on one, not very big planet managed to call even the most important things in their lives in different ways! It was almost impossible to guess how a simple "I love you" sounds in each local language. Nevertheless this tournament revealed the absolutely best players: Tanya — 5 hearts, Four Legs and Vlada — 4 hearts for everyone.

Then LA moved in search of another element had hidden on the island. On the way adventurers were photographed near the kissing couple, against the background of an ice boat that was sliding on ice of Matveyevskaya Gulf, and in the old rubber boat was found on the Dnieper's bank.

LA looked again into the hospitable cafe before leaving Truhanov Island. At this time Under-the-Table taught adventurers elegant way to make acquaintance with a stranger who takes your fancy. It was fun, now we need to test the new knowledge in practice.

The last, 7-th element was already found by the light of street lamps near the river port. Langana Adventures team completed its mission successfully, but nobody liked to go home. Therefore adventurers gladly seconded Four Legs' proposal to visit his home. This evening LA company held in the spacious Four Legs’ den, being surrounded by vibrant African stuff and in chords of good old rock ’n’ roll.

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