Adventure # 031 — Infinity

Guide team: Four Legs and Tanya.

Погода: –7 °С.

Hydropark was chosen for LA's ski adventure. Four Legs and Plaasjapie arrived there with their own skis. They didn't lose cause attaching the rented skis to the feet was challenging. (Such antediluvian ski fastenings used probably about 20–30 years ago!) Then Four Legs smeared skis by special lubrication and Langana Adventures expedition set out.

Focusing on the ski-track and the cereal marks, Langana Adventures went to the Dnieper River. There were a magnificent view of the hilly right bank with the golden domes of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra and the Monument to Motherland.

On the way adventurers had to find a few hiding places which explained such a comprehensive philosophical category as infinity from a variety of perspectives. The first cache was discovered in the meter-high wall was carefully assembled from the flat ice blocks. Unfortunately the building of unknown purpose didn’t stand the research onslaught of Sheikh Rock'n'Roll. He began searching with skis on his feet and accidentally caught on some important building block at the base. Now descendants will be able to see this grand structure only in LA photos...

Near the empty summer cafe adventurers were barked by a motley pack of dogs. This was done without much aggression, only to order. And the reason was three puppies huddled close by a small hole. To indulge the little puppies, Tanya donated ham, which she had prepared for the final picnic. Flash Crash went to feed the puppies because he wasn’t afraid of dogs.

Ronnie found the next cache that connected with the magic of infinity too. He had step-by-step to look the covered with snow big trunk of a tree what was lying on the ground. In the end Ronnie discovered a paper sheet in a frayed fracture at butt-end of the log.

The ski-track lay across the forest then — somewhere through convenient glades, somewhere through the thicket. Adventurers even skied down a small descent, which guides had managed to find on the almost completely flat area of Hydropark.

The last cache was hidden near a small wooden church of the holy martyr Valery. LA searched long and hard, Flash Crash even removed his ski. He found a small note in the wattle was surrounding the church, and thanks to Four Legs' tips only.

Giving back the rented skis, Langana Adventures settled for a picnic in a small cafe. Here Tanya continued her story of infinity, which occupied the minds of thinking people in all times. Thus even munching sandwiches and sipping tea, adventurers mediated on the great and eternal.

Already outside, close by the rock in the central alley of Hydropark, adventurers arranged the naming ceremony for Tanya. Their thoughts were still on two main ideas: the infinity which we had learned so many in this day and the amazing Tanya’s ability to fall from the ski into snow, even on plane surface. The second idea won. Flash Crash showered Tanya with snow and adventurers dubbed her as Snow Bunny.

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