Adventure # 034 — Higher, higher! Get off the sinful ground...

Guide team: Flash Crash and Mad Forester.

Weather: +5 °С, sunny with occasional rain, snow and even hail.

“Height” became a key word of this adventure. That is why Langana Adventures started from the most high geographical point on the Kiev area (the hill is situated in the middle of Goloseevsky Park).

For the first clue Under the Table clambered at the 4-meter height, clinging to ledges on the wall of a water tower. The note confirmed only what adventurers had already guessed about: it was necessary to feed puppies were scurrying among the feet. Then adventurers should find the mark was indicating the direction of further movement.

The reconstructed trench looked child-like now. It left from the defensive battles in 1941. As the trench is located in the courtyard of an apartment house it was made a shallow and narrow to be perfectly safe for children are playing nearby.

Despite of snow and even thin hail the first two treasures — inside the rotten trunk of a huge tree and inside a drainpipe — were found easily enough. And our luggage in backpacks became heavier by two bottles.

Climbing a steep slope, adventurers approached a beekeeping of National University of Life and Environmental Sciences. The apiary was guarding by the severe bees, which had been drawn on the closed gate, and by the dog was barking behind a fence.

Honey tasting wasn't part of our plans so Langana Adventures proceeded to the shining golden domes of Goloseevskaya hermitage. There was an old cemetery behind the main temple of the hermitage — the Church of icon of Holy Mother “The Life-Giving Spring”. The believers come there to worship at the tomb of Alexy Goloseevsky who is a locally venerated saint of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

There are the university's stable and several large corrals along the road to the hermitage.  Ponies and horses usually are walking there. But bad weather had driven all horses in the stables. Therefore carrots, which had been brought by adventurers, were unclaimed...

Langana Adventures found in the University Park the slippery after rain obstacle course, fantastically broken trees what dangerously hung above the footpath, and even a small fir alley.

Near the Institute of Veterinary Medicine adventurers climbed over the high fence and found themselves on the Expocentre's area, which met LA expedition by a delightful thuja glades and an old staircase with crumbed stairs.

Guides had scattered across many clues. And the first task — to find a pink pig with a dirty snout — was completed by Under the Table again. But only Ksenia could take a good look at that the pig suggested. She led Langana Adventures into the underground level of the unfinished exhibition hall then. The next clue “Find the tower” was found at a dark doorway. The note was hanging under ceiling.

Adventurers found the tower 600 feet away from the underground. Room Service climbed up this time. But he fetched from a 4-meter height only instruction that a real cache had hidden above the walled entrance portal. Under the Table climbed for the treasure. There she obtained the instruction “Descend underground again” and a carton of juice, which unfortunately fell down and crashed.

The place for searching was a basement level of an abandoned Summer Caf?. LA clue had hidden in the room with the woman's face on the wall. The main search party thought logically that it should be a ladies' room. This decision misled them. Under the Table and Room Service were right. They explored other part of the building. Going down the stairs along the elevator shaft, and opening two latticed doors, Under the Table and Room Service found themselves in a long dark corridor. But already the first room on the left side contained the graffiti in the form of a woman's face...

Near the fountain, which should be used as compass, Langana Adventures got a little picnic. Ksenia entertained adventurers to a unique chocolate cake from Lugansk.

At the top of the hill LA expedition found the arrow, which pointed out invitingly towards the fence is enclosing Expocentre. Flash Crash crossed over to the other side directly by the trunk of a fallen tree. Others climbed over the fence.

In a small birch grove Langana Adventures found the cache with glasses. Adventurers tasted birch sap there. Then the trail turned sharply away from the fence. Going down a forest path, LA team found a sausage in a hollow inside the trunk of a mighty oak, a chocolate bar on the ground, and even a shovel in an animal burrow.

The latter finding came very opportunely because Flash Crash had planned to dig Sergius Hermitage geocache, which had established just a week ago. To find geocache without GPS navigator was a daunting task. Four Legs and Flash Crash went by different azimuths from various reference points. They met about 15 feet from the actual occurrence of the geocache. Adventurers made further refinements, using the locality description.

Ksenia dug up a treasure. Among stored gizmos she liked the metal statue of a cat with blue eyes. Instead of a cat Langana Adventures put in the container a Chinese coin with a square hole in the middle, a pen, and a marker. Then the geocache was put into place, dug carefully and disguised thoroughly.

A primitive wooden fence surrounded the empty Sergius Hermitage. But the new-made drawings said that the owner of the hermitage had recently visited here.

Overcoming a few ups and downs, LA team came to laid-up (abandoned?) well. Adventurers explored the niches on the walls of two buildings of this mysterious object. Four Legs and Ksenia have found a sweet prize and instruction to go south.

Flash Crash warned that Langana Adventures would soon reach the control line. Four Legs and Vlad the Impaler were the last adventurers who had crossed that line. That’s why they had to roll a heavy wooden wheel next 300 feet.

After a rather long ascent to the hill adventurers were faced with a fence of the Main Astronomical Observatory of NASU. The trunk of a fallen tree balanced on the fence. Flash Crash and Ksenia got the observatory by this shaky overpass, Four Legs crawled under the fence, and Vlad the Impaler just found a hole in the fence.

Following marks, Langana Adventures passed by the building of reflecting telescope AZT-2 and went to the flanged concrete cylinder of the double wide-angle astrograph with legendary Zeiss optics. The magic wand and vase for the naming ceremony had hidden on the third astrograph’s ledge.

The naming ceremony for Ksenia was held on the huge square pedestal, which is located close by the tallest tower of the observatory where the Tepfer double long-focus astrograph had installed. Our energetic (cheerful, smiling, talkative) Ksenia received LA-nickname Rocky Talky.

Adventurers celebrated the Rocky Talky’s naming and finish of the trip by soulful picnic. A local "astronomical" dog lay nearby. The dog didn’t want to eat food from our table but still faithfully accompanied Langana Adventures up to the minibus.

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