Adventure # 037 — Map and Compass. Come on Instruments

Guide teamWitch Stick and Mad Forester.

Weather: +27 °С, sunny.

Mad Forester had lain down in ambush on the starting point of the trail. Therefore Witch Stick had arrived to Domashnya Kuhnya Caf? by herself. Without waiting for the Indian yogi (as it turned out later, he was very late), Langana Adventures went to the north-western outskirts of the city — to Pushcha-Voditsa.

In the metro an extravagant stranger took a shine to our friendly company. He represented the racy character "unrecognised genius with a key to the universe in his pocket". LA's engineers of human souls faced the main information attack. Since neither a policeman nor a psychiatrist weren't close by Sheikh Rock'n'Roll and Vlad the Impaler simply pushed aside the mad scientist in the corner of the car. Thereby they protected the civilian population from pour of would-be scientific terms and unproven facts.

Meeting Mystery Treat on the way, adventurers reached Puscha-Voditsa without incident. Though Flash Crash had to explain to Tim why the ruckus between a bus driver and a wizen old man happened. The passenger hit the roof, proving his right in free fares.

At the 1st line Mad Forester, Irina and Vlad joined us. Mad Forester had prepared a topographic map of the forest located to north of the residential areas. Using a compass only, adventurers should visit 8 points marked on the map and dig out seven treasures there. It isn't known what thought others had, but Flash Crash looked to his ability to call for help loudly. Somebody would hear bushed people and would help them certainly.

However, it seemed Flash Crash wasn't alone in his doubts. So Rocky Talky run over to the shop and returned with two packs of ice cream. She took them immediately as if she worried that next time she couldn't taste ice cream soon.

These fears weren't groundless. It was extremely difficult to find the treasure without guides' help. A map with a compass and a description of the terrain from Witch Stick helped adventurers certainly, but not very much. All trees in the forest were very similar, paths were winding, and wild animals were taciturn... In addition, each treasure had been dug and hidden so well that one would never guess, even standing over it. Fortunately Vlad discovered shovel in the first cache. Therefore further excavations went more quickly.

Then adventurers began to find artifacts in the spirit of Billy Bones (Jim, my boy, pour me rum and I get out of here!). It was hot. So a cold glass of the wine bottle, that had dug out, had a magical effect on adventurers. Therefore the majority supported Rocky Talky's proposal to drink the “almost from the cellar” wine immediately, while it had an optimum temperature for tasting. It this way Langana Adventures moved along the trail — from a stump to a lying log, from a birch to a pine, from a flowering meadow of lilies to a stone pillar in the valley of a dried stream, as well as from red wine to white one, from dry wine to fortified one... (Juice was found also.)

The last point, which had marked on the map, was a spring with a very tasty water. Replenishing supplies of life-giving water, adventurers got a rest on a small but very cosy glade. As everybody had a mat for the planned yoga exercises, the comfortable places for seating and even for lying down were enough. Ira and Rocky Talky made in minutes delicious sandwiches with ham, cheese, vegetables and lettuce. (They could learn Ronald McDonald and his young team to prepare the really delicious fast food.) Moreover we had more wine!

When time came for siesta, Sheikh Rock'n'Roll did reveal a terrible secret, which the stranger had told him in the metro. It turned out the mad scientist had reported nothing new. He had prophesied an apocalypse in 2032 only. Adventurers reasonable noticed in response that yesterday humanity had already survived successfully the Judgement Day from a preacher-alarmists Harold Camping. And now Langana Adventures is best fitted to meet the last day of the Mayan calendar, and then decide.

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