Adventure # 203 — Magnetic Fields

Hi there!

The upcoming Langana Adventure is on October 1. Its general idea was voiced during the last trail. But the implementation will be slightly different from the original proposal, taking into account the LA rules and laws of physics.

To meet them, it is necessary to create a sufficiently powerful magnetic field, which, in turn, will allow to connect the torn path into a single road leading to the goal.

To do this, each participant should bring the strongest magnet they can get. (Accordingly, it is better to leave a mechanical watch at home.) Those who plan to ignore this requirement should take a towel and clothes to change, because they will have to dive into rather cool (+12° C) water.

Required equipment: non-slip shoes, bathing suits for the “magnet-less”, food (preferably vegetarian) and drink for a small picnic, small useful thing in exchange for a geocache treasures.

Time and place: 10:00, platform of Heroiv Dnipra metro station (Blue Line).

Guide: Flash Crash.

Weather forecast: +10 °С (water is expected to be warmer).

Expenses: 150 UAH.

See you on Sunday!