Adventure # 245 — Catch up Before Closing!


Hi there!

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We will try to get into an interesting object, which is reliably protected from the eyes of strangers by natural barriers. But this is the lesser problem. The bigger one is that the object has got “owners” who strive to limit as much as possible the uncontrollable visits. Need to be in time!

Required equipment: shoes for long walks in wet weather and a raincoat; a cap and an electric torch; several plastic garbage bags and a wide adhesive tape; a mat for sitting on the ground; food for cooking on the fire, as well as water for drinking and washing hands; small useful things in exchange for geocache treasures. Oh yes, in case of heavy rain, lovers will need binoculars.

Meeting time and place: 11:00, in the middle of the underground hall of Vystavkovyi Tsentr metro (Blue Line).

Guide: Flash Crash.

Weather forecast: +23 ?C, high probability of rain.

See you on Sunday!

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