Sheikh Rock’n’Roll

Adventure # 171 — Great Boat Race


Breaking news!

The Kiev zoo workers could hardly take a guest from the south off the fence with the sign Camelus dromedarius (see photo), who was desperately trying to “get on board”.

Washed from a hose in the neighboring elephant’s aviary, the troublemaker for both the public and zoo inhabitants turned out to be Sheikh Rock’n’Roll, — widely-known in our narrow circle. The hot orient sun and petro-dirhams, only slightly less in number than the amount of sand in the Arabian Desert have estranged him from reality, that is why he keeps wanting “to get on board”.

So, the upcoming Langana Adventures is announced to be a regatta. The departure date is July 10. The return date remains open, as in the papers we have a scribbled ??? ???? ??? ?????? that only doctors can make out. However, a translator from a Bedouin embassy insists on deciphering it as ‘till you drop’.

The flagship with Sheikh on board is only taking full-bosomed belly-dancing houris. The accompanying boats are one with halvah and Turkish delight vendors and another – with a taar, oud and setar musicians.

Required equipment: ID card, piece of oilcloth in case of rain, bottle with water, bathing suit, rowers are advised to use gloves. Oh and, as deviations from the route are not welcome, the adventurers should show up already equipped with all the aforementioned including food.

Time and place: 12:00, in the middle of the platform of Hidropark metro station (Red Line).

Guide team: Sheikh Rock’n’Roll and Sugar Heels.

Weather forecast: 20°С, drizzle is possible.

Expenses: 40 UAH.

See you on Sunday!

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Adventure # 101 — L'Oiseau Bleu


Guide team: Eskimo and Sheikh Rock’n’Roll.

Weather: 16°С.




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