Adventure # 294 — Boarding Crew

Hi there!

The upcoming Langana Adventures is on June 5.

There are quite a lot of interesting places where it is difficult or impossible to get on foot. There is a natural desire to get there on water. Therefore, we urgently take boats.

We are going to sail far and for a long time. The previous experience shows it is much easier to paddle than tramp. However, we will also have to walk a little...

Required equipment: long sleeve jacket; cap and neckerchief; sport shoes and gloves; electric torch; waterproof package for portable electronics; document with a photo for lease of watercraft; water and food for the whole day; take a boiled egg "for that guy".

Expenses: 400 UAH.

Meeting time and place: 8:45, on the platform of Slavutych Metro station (Green Line).

Guide: Flash Crash.

Weather forecast: comfortable temperature +17...+ 21 ?C, but permanent wind and proximity of water.

See you on Saturday morning!