Adventure # 234 — For Whom the Bell Tolls


Guide: Flash Crash.

Weather: +7°С, sometimes rain, sometimes hail.

Bell ringing was a success. But the high point has stood. We'll have to go back ...



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Приключение № 232 — Слепая случайность?


Проводник: Flash Crash и Wonder Girl.
Погода: -1 °С.

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Adventure # 230 — To astral and back


Hi there!

The upcoming Langana Adventure is on   > > >

Let's go all the way from the stormy physical activity to the pacifying contemplation.

We plan to get up early, improve the skill of forcing water obstacles, hide the new geocache, touch the horns of a living deer, get a swan feather, hover above the ground, finally, find a buddha and go to the astral…

Return to the world will take place at will. I definitely come back!

Required equipment: a handful of barley, boiled potato, carrots or cabbage leaves; a small useful thing for filling a geocache container; a mat for seating on the ground; tea or other warming drinks, as well as food.

Time and place: 8:30 on the platform of Heroiv Dnipra metro station (Blue Line).

Guide: Flash Crash.

Weather forecast: 7 ºC in the morning, 17 ºC in the afternoon, sunny.

See you on Sunday morning!

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