Adventure # 229 — Salut de Fant?mas, messieurs les kleptomanes!


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The upcoming Langana Adventure is on   > > >

Becoming skilled in decryption during the last campaign, this time we will go in search of miniatures. Little things usually make delight, tenderness. And they appeal to the depths of the subconscious, sometimes pulling to the surface not the best human inclinations.

Among other things, LA outing will also become the π-test (a kind of artisanal psychological test) of the modern urban environment. I do not really hide my skepticism about the people who live in Kiev at the moment. Note, I do not use the term "Kievans", since most of them do not like this city.

So, normal, adequate townspeople have a "9" rating in the π-test. Let's see what our psychological experiment will show…

Required equipment: a scanner of QR-codes, a small useful thing in exchange for a geocache treasures.

Time and place: 11:30 at Zdoroven'ki Buly Café (a table near the window), 3 Luterans'ka Str. The nearest metro station — Khreshchatyk (Red Line).

Guide team: Flash Crash and Wonder Girl.

Weather forecast: +9 ºC, mostly sunny.

See you on Sunday!

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Adventure # 225 — Armadura


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The upcoming trip of Langana Adventures will take place on   > > >

Sometimes it is nice to merge with the elements (to go with the flow or even to row against it), but to remain an outside observer only in relation to external human activity – senseless in general, and illogical very often.

We don’t need looking hard to find examples: we have to build bulky engineering structures for stitching together the two banks, but it is enough to concoct a legend for separating them!

Required equipment: ID card; zip lock waterproof bag for your mobile and docs; additional plastic bags to save your other stuff from splashing water; some food and, especially, drinking water; swimsuits (you can come in beach clothes at once). You will also need protection from both the scorching sun and the thunderstorm.

Time and place: 8:45, Pochaina underground platform (Blue Line).

Guide: Flash Crash.

Weather forecast: +28 ºC, rain is possible.

Expenses: 350 UAH.

See you on Sunday morning!

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Adventure # 209 — Small-Time Thieves and More Decent Public


Hi there!

The upcoming Langana Adventure is going to be held on the very eve of Christmas   > > >

Last year, after getting to know Semion, Frosya and Sima we cannot but admire the striped little creatures.

This December we are going to visit the rogues’ hole again. Although this will not be the same place this time, it is highly recommended not to leave your things unattended...

Required equipment: money for buying Christmas presents, if necessary.

Time and place: 11:30, at the entrance of Furshet supermarket, 1 Inzhenernaya Str. The nearest metro station — Vydubichi (Green Line).

Guide: Flash Crash.

Expenses: 150 UAH.

Weather forecast: about 0 °С; drizzle.

See you on Sunday!

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