Adventure # 016 — The land of hermitages on the lakes


Guide: Noisy Wench.

Weather: 34 °С, sunny.

We got off the bus on the southern outskirts of Kiev — in Kitaevo. Local residents were curiously watching us. They especially liked the Four Legs' telescopic sticks. On their question ‘Where are the skis?’ I had to answer, that skis apparently also are folding and lying in a backpack.

Following the flour marks, Langana Adventures came to Kitaevo’s lakes. Despite the hot day, here, near the water and under the dense shade of the trees they breathed easily and didn’t feel the heat. After the believers adventurers came upstairs to the church of the Synaxis of the Most Holy Mother of God. The church on the top of the hill served as the entrance to the Kitaevo’s caves.

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Adventure # 013 — Day of the big sun


Guide team: Flash Crash and Forest Nymph.

Weather: 28 °C, sunny.

Travellers from Langana Adventures met in the permanent place on Bohdana Khmelnitskogo St. — at Domashnya Kuhnya Cafe. Guides Flash Crash и Forest Nymph gave utterance their intention to carry people to Puscha-Vodytsia where celebrate the Kupala (midsummer) day with modern pagans.

Sveta who had come to Domashnya Kuhnya by car and Mystery Treat volunteered to buy various cold drinks on the way to Puscha-Vodytsia. Others rushed into metro and alighted at the Nivki station. Then we took minibus # 226 and reached 9th line in Puscha-Vodytsia. Then we walked a quarter of mile to Dnipro Hotel that was our destination point. There LA group underwent the face control quickly and got a pagan area.

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Adventure # 008 — Awesomer than Guns N' Roses


Guide team: Flash Crash and Natasha.

Weather: +12 °C, sunny, water in the Dnieper — +10 °C.

As they expected, this outing was like a puzzle. It was composed of two completely different parts. The "beautiful" part — Roses — meant a slow walk through quiet lanes of a blooming garden in the heart of the city. The “rough” one — Guns — meant the advance through inhospitable territory of industrial zone Pokol-Pyatyhatky. In addition LA guys had a clue — the classic rock song "Knockin' on Heaven's Door". It indicated a heavenward object, which was a key point of the outing.

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